Frequently Asked Questions

The following represent some of the most frequently asked questions about continuing education approval program, criteria, and policies.

How do I obtain my certificate of credit?

  1. Click on the "Claim CE Credit" icon on the homepage.
  2. If you have previously registered yourself in our system, please login and skip to step 6.
  3. Register yourself in the system by clicking on "Create one now!"
  4. Complete the "Create A Profile" page and click "Save". Only the fields with a red asterisk are required!
  5. You'll be directed to the "Edit Profile" page. Please ignore the "password and confirm password" information. This has been emailed to you. Please complete the other required fields marked with a red asterisk (address info) and click "Save".
  6. Now you are on the "My Continuing Education" page. Click on "Enter Code" button. Enter the code you received at the educational activity.
  7. Confirm the number of credit hours participated in the activity, check the "I Do" box and click "Submit".
  8. Complete the evaluation form and submit it (if applicable).
  9. You will return to the "My Continuing Education" page. On the far right, in the "Action" column you can print or email your certificate. If you lose a certificate, you can always log in and print another from this same page.

How much does it cost to certify my educational activity for credit?

The cost to accredit activities is dependent on many factors including the type of credit requested, the number of CE credit hours offered, the type of educational activity and the number of estimated participants and faculty. Please contact us at or complete the CE Information form so we may provide you with a CE fee quote.

What is outcomes measurement?

A shift in CE is emphasizing the goal of asking physicians to assess their own learning needs in relation to their particular professional settings and challenges. CE has moved from a teacher-focused to a learner-focused mentality. The first step in outcomes measurement is a statement of intent immediately after an education activity. A physician assesses his/her “intent to change/improve” based on the CE activity just completed. The second point is after a period of time following an educational event, generally 3 or 4 months, when a physician is contacted, usually by e-mail, and asked to answer a short survey that focuses on how the learner has made changes or improvements in his/her practice or special setting. The survey asks the physician to consider how he or she has applied his/her learning to the problems or systems of his/her setting or to the direct care of patients.

Do I have to evaluate my activity?

Yes, evaluations are a required element of all accrediting agencies. Completing this will not only keep you compliant, but will give you an opportunity to make improvements.

Can presenters obtain credit for a continuing education activity they present?

No. The Commission on Accreditation educational designs focus on the learner, so only the learner who successfully completes an educational activity should receive credit hours. Presenters are selected for their knowledge and expertise in the content area. Just as faculty at colleges or universities do not receive semester credits for the courses they teach, continuing education presenters do not receive credit hours for their presentations. However, the presenter is eligible to receive credit for preparation time and for attending other presentations other than their own.

Can a participant who attends only a portion of an activity receive credit?

All learners are encouraged to participate in the activity in its entirety in order to receive credit. However, learners should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


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