Continuing Education Services

Our mission is to develop and implement high-quality, evidence-based educational interventions, where determined gaps and needs exist, that guide and support physicians and other healthcare professionals in their effort to increase their knowledge and skills in the subject area(s) offered. Our expected result is that learners will apply the gained knowledge and skills to measurably enhance their professional competence, performance and/or patient outcomes translating into the improvement of patient care.

We work to develop alliances with educational partners to deliver learning experiences that address the educational needs underlying the identified professional practice gaps of our learners. We provide tools, services and support which are continually updated and modified to meet the strict guidelines of our accrediting entities, our educational partners and the target audience according to their needs for professional credit. Through these collaborative partnerships, we are able to encourage lifelong learning that positively impacts the delivery of care.

Model 1: Direct and Joint Providership – As a nationally accredited organization, SynAptiv can certify your educational activity for continuing education credits and will help you accomplish your goals. Our tools and services not only meet recognized standards but are customized for each customer to meet their individual needs.

Model 2:  Online Healthcare Educational Courses – By combining vast experience in CE content with superb technological resources, the OCE is able to develop and execute high-quality online educational courses. In today’s market, these types of courses provide convenience and flexibility and are a major asset to any CE program.

Model 3: Educational Event Planning – There are a multitude of tasks to be accomplished when planning an educational event. The CE community, like many, is now working with fewer resources but are tasked to accomplish more.  We offer educational event planning, which allow you to concentrate on other tasks while feeling secure that your event will be planned and organized down to the smallest detail.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us at or 720-475-1439.

Consultation, Implementation and Documentation Tools and Services

  • Streamlined, fast and accurate process for credit application
  • Forms, samples and templates for implementation
  • Timelines created for individual continuing education (CE) activities
  • Checklists for documentation and organization
  • Consultation on needs assessment, education design, evaluation and all essential areas for ACCME and CBRN criteria
  • Internet-based management of participant courses, credits and certificates, as well as forum discussions regarding continuing education
  • Outcomes measurement of activities using an immediate statement of intent, along with follow-up participant surveys on applied learning to determine change as a result of an activity

The CE program enhances the ability of health care professionals to improve clinical outcomes for patients. Activities with evidenced-based education design produce measurable results and ongoing quality improvement. All attendees make subjective assessments through individual evaluations. Results of these quality improvement studies and of participant evaluation responses are compiled and used to update needs assessment materials, forecast future continuing education activities and improve content and format development.

Live Activities: Whether in person or virtually, these formats range from national conferences and live Internet teleconferences to local workshops, seminars, grand rounds or departmental scientific meetings.

Enduring Materials: These materials include printed, recorded, audio, video and/or online/electronic activities that may be used over time.

Journal-based CME: This describes the process by which accredited providers identify an article within a peer-reviewed, professional journal that serves as a planned learning activity.

Test Item Writing: A learning process wherein physicians contribute to the development of high stakes examinations, or certain self-assessment modules, by researching, drafting and defending potential questions.

Manuscript Review: Another learning process in which physicians, under the collaborative direction of a journal editor and an accredited provider, critically review assigned journal manuscripts.

Performance Improvement: Structured, long-term processes by which a physician or group of physicians can learn about specific performance measures, retrospectively assess their practice, apply these measures prospectively over a useful interval, and re-evaluate their performance.

Internet, Enduring Materials: Online learning by physicians on topics relevant to their clinical practice in a structured and self-directed manner. Learning for this activity is driven by a reflective process in which physicians must document their clinical question, the sources consulted and the application to practice.


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